Meeting Invitation

Email from Sheri Williams, Director of BVSD Elementary Schools, sent Friday, Sept. 9, 2005

Dear Tom, Tim and Kristi,

I would like to invite a group of up to five representative Crest View parents to meet with me and district Operations’ staff to discuss Crest View’s enrollment and staffing issues. I spoke with Tom Gale this morning and he agreed that such a meeting might be a productive next step. Tom will identify two other parents who might be interested in joining us at the meeting.

While the immediate concerns with the 2nd grade class size have been addressed with an additional .5 Teacher FTE, para hours, and another section of specials, I am asking for this meeting with operational services in order to initiate a study of the question of enrollment impacts at Crest View Elementary and the identification of schools receiving differentiated staffing.

The study may include a review of school demographics, school size and program capacity, program placement, controls on open enrollment, staffing formulas, current boundaries, and school capacity within the city of Boulder.

If you could each give me a sense of the meeting times that would be convenient for you, I will proceed with scheduling the meeting.

I look forward to your input with district operations staff. Your perspectives will be most valuable as we plan for next year.


Sheri Williams

c: Ned Levine

c: Dr. Chris King, Deputy Superintendent

Sheri S. Williams, Ed.D., Director of School Leadership/Elementary Level, Boulder Valley Schools, (303) 447-5048 x 5030