Overcrowding at Crest View

Email sent by Kristi Anderson Sept. 3, 2005 to BVSD officials —

Dear BVSD Administrators and School Board Members,

Thank you for hanging in there with me while I gained clarity on the subject of Crest View’s overcrowding issue.

Every BVSD elementary school and K-8 with free/reduced lunch totals exceeding 16.4% of their student body population are currently receiving extra assistance, in the form of Target Schools which have small class sizes and/or the IB program. Except for Crest View which has a free/reduced lunch total of 23.6%.

There are 6 elementary schools with free reduced/totals of 11.7% to 16.3% of their student body population. I will call these six schools on Tuesday to find out what their class sizes are this year. If any of you have this information and could forward it to me it would save me time. These schools are: Birch, Eisenhower, Fireside, Gold Hill, Heatherwood and Nederland. These have never been schools that I hear of having large class sizes.

There are 18 elementary schools and k-8’s with free/reduced lunch totals of 0% to 9.2% of their student body population.

This is really the heart of the issue for me and many other parents. When you look at these statistics, why is Crest View being singled out?

We are merely asking for reasonable class sizes based on our demographics. This shouldn’t have to be something we have to fight for every year, it should just be provided to our school.

This is not just a second and fourth grade issue. It is an issue that continuously plagues our school.

The attached documents list the above statistics school by school. The information was obtained from the BVSD School Profiles 2004 publication. They were confirmed on the BVSD website.

Again, thank you for your time.

Kristi Anderson
Crest View Parent