Crest View Staffing Comparison

Email sent by Kristi Anderson on Sept. 14, 2005:

——– Original Message ——– Subject: School Board Meeting
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 07:44:15 -0600
From: Kristi Anderson
To: Angelika Schroeder – School Board Member , Chris King – BVSD Educational Programs , Cindy Monet , Darci Mohr – Legal Counsel BVSD , Dawn Shulz – Crest View 2nd Grade Teacher , Don Orr – BVSD Director of Planning & Construction , Donna Casey , George Garcia – Superintendent of Schools , Helayne Jones – School Board Member , Jean Paxton – School Board Member , Joe Sleeper , Julie Phillips – School Board President , Ken Roberge – School Board Member , Mark Bauer , Mary Cox – Crest View 2nd Grade Teacher , Ned Levine – Crest View Principal , Roger Hammond – BVSD COO , Sheri Williams – BVSD Director of School Leadership , Sofie Trujillo-Shrock – Crest View 2nd Grade Teacher , Stan Garnett – School Board Member , “Teresa Steele – School Board V.P.” , Virginia Pool ,

Dear BVSD Administrators and School Board Members,

Today I spoke with Melissa Zahn, Principal at Foothills Elementary School. Ms. Zahn indicated she is a new principal at Foothills Elementary. She stated all of the staffing decisions for Foothills current 2nd grade were completed in the spring of 2005. Staffing included four teachers for their second grade class. They were allotted 3.5 FTE’s from the district. This was based on Foothills projecting 87 2nd grade students. During fall staff planning that occurred in the spring of 2005, Foothills chose to allot another .5 FTE at their discretion. All hiring was completed before Ms. Zahn came to the school. I asked her directly if she appealed for additional assistance for their current second grade class and she stated that she had not.

This information is in direct conflict to the information we received Wednesday, September 7th at Crest View’s parent meeting. Sheri Williams showed to approximately 50 parents and teachers, a form titled “Student FTE/Teacher FTE Formula and Adjusted”. This spreadsheet showed both Crest View and Foothills were allotted 3 FTE’s last spring. This was based on their projected enrollment numbers. Sheri Williams stated that Foothills decided to use a .5 FTE from their schools allotted resources and put it toward lowering their second grade class size. She then stated Foothills appealed for a .5 FTE to bring their staffing up to 4 FTE in second grade. She stated Foothills appealed for this .5 FTE shortly before Crest View appealed for theirs this fall and that both .5 FTE’s were granted to both schools.

It is very clear that Foothills was given 3.5 teachers based on 87 students. Foothills .5 FTE was approved and in place long before the current principal or students showed up for school this fall. At this same time Crest View was told they would not even be considered for an additional 5 FTE from the district until our numbers reached 93 students. See attached letter from Principal Ned Levine dated September 1st, 2005. This is plain wrong. This is discrimination. This is preferential treatment for Foothills no matter how you look at it.

There are two main issues here:

Crest View parents had to fight for 2 weeks to be given the .5 teacher that was just handed out to Foothills Elementary School last spring. The parents who attended the meeting at Crest View on September 7th were told of this additional .5 FTE for second grade that night. A formal letter was just sent out to parents yesterday announcing this .5 FTE, see attached letter. You have to read the letter closely because the letter indicates our class sizes have been reduced to 22. The “for half the day part” is pretty obscure. Ned Levine stated he will begin his search for a teacher this week. A week has passed since he was told of this half time teacher . Beginning his search this week does show where his priorities are for this second grade class. (I was told of the additional .5 FTE when I met with Sheri Williams on 9/6/05 – Mr. Levine knew of this .5 addition at least by this date.) When this teacher is actually in a classroom has yet to be seen. We are already 3 weeks into school and our second graders are just now being given some consideration. Given Foothills free and reduced lunch statistic of 4.3% and Crest Views free and reduced lunch statistic of 23.6%, this just does not make sense. Foothills has been able to accommodate their 2nd grade students since the day school started. They have had no disruption in their classes.

BVSD’s Target Schools which include: Columbine, Creekside, Emerald, Lafayette, Pioneer, Ryan, Sanchez and University Hill all benefit from reduced class sizes. They also benefit from additional funding. Whittier, who also has a high free and reduced lunch statistic, receives additional funding and program benefits for their IB program. Crest View surpassed Ryan Elementary lunch statistics back in 2002. That was three years ago. According to Sheri Williams, Crest Views free and reduced lunch numbers are expected to rise sharply this year. Crest View is projected to pass Lafayette Elementary lunch statistics this year. Yet Crest View receives no benefits of reduced class sizes or additional funding. Nederlands free and reduced lunch statistic is 16.3%. Nederlands poverty rate is the next highest elementary or K-8 to Crest Views. Nederlands student to teacher ration is 22 to 1. Besides the schools listed above there are no other Elementary schools or K-8 in the district who’s free and reduced lunch statistics are even close Crest Views.

We are asking that you remedy this situation now so that all of our students can receive a quality education. All we are asking for are 4 full time teachers to teach Crest Views second grade class of 90 students. Considering Crest View has over 23.6 percent impoverished students, over 18 % English Language Learners and over 11% Special Education Students, this should be an easily granted. We are asking that you preserve this schools wonderful diversity and give Crest View the assistance that it need this year. How much longer do we have to fight for Crest View to receive just a tidbit of what every other school with our demographics receives?

Kristi Anderson
Crest View Parent
303 245 8008