Full Time Teacher Approved

Posted by Tom Gale, Sept. 17, 2005

Crest View Second Grade Parents:

Great news! A full-time teacher for Crest View second grade was approved late this past week. My daughter was sick Friday, so I’m not sure if Principal Ned Levine sent home official notice in backpacks or not. A classroom space is being prepared this week, and there may be a need for some volunteer parent help later this week to help with getting the room ready. Stay tuned.

The interview process is progressing, and I know the school is working to make this happen as quickly as it practically can.

Second grade teachers were also approved for Flatirons and Whittier second grade classes based on updated enrollment numbers presented at the school board meeting last Tuesday. The strong presence at the parent meeting last week and parent involvement at many levels helped make this a reality. If you see Kristi Anderson, please thank her for her excellent research and large amounts of time, questions and well-aimed concern over the past years and recently as she has sought to address class size issues and resource allocation to help Crest View remain a great school. Her information helped many of us the past few weeks get up to speed quickly with some broader and complex issues that are a part of any school district’s management and decision-making process. Please see her thank you at the www.crestviewkids.com site to BVSD officials.

This decision really helps strengthen our school and our kids’ futures. Thank you and congratulations to all of us! We are all winners in this!

Tom Gale